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JANUARY 18, 2018

Holko Enercon
4625 SR 305
Fowler, OH 44418-0060

Dear Valued Customer:

I am pleased to inform you that you have earned the quality distinction given to our contractors, the “Master Contractor Award”. This achievement has placed you in the top 23% of our contractors, consistently installing the highest quality roofing systems in 2017.

To achieve this award, you have installed and Duro-Last has inspected over 50,000 sq. ft., scored in the outstanding category on all commercial installations and warranted five or more commercial jobs in 2017. In other words, you have worked your way to be the “best of the best” through your commitment to quality, dedication to detail, and hard work. Congratulations!

Duro-Last may produce the “World’s Best Roof®”, but we rely on your expert workmanship to ensure a high-performing, long lasting roofing system. Again, congratulations on a job well done. We are truly honored to work with contractors like you, who value quality as much as we do.


Mitch Guettler
Quality Assurance & Warranty Services Manager