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PVC Membranes

PVC Membranes 

Our PVC membranes provide tough, pliable, and flexible roofs that are UV and fire resistant. These membranes are made by polymerizing vinyl chloride monomers and other additives, and they are available in custom pre-fabricated rolls of up to 2,500 square feet. Pre-fabricated rolls eliminate up to 80% of all rooftop seaming, which protects against leaks caused by workmanship error.

Benefits Of PVC Membranes:

  • Energy Star rated systems
  • Exceptional resistance to fungus & algae attack
  • Polyester reinforcement scrim provides exceptional resistance to punctures and tearing
  • Lightweight construction as low as 4 oz. per square foot
  • Very high weather resistance
  • Very high resistance to oils and petroleum, jet fuels, and air conditioning coolants
  • Non-prorated, no-dollar-limit material
  • Available labor warranties for up to 20 years
  • UL, FM, and ICBO approved

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